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producing quality plastering finishes

We are dedicated to producing quality plastering finishes

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Avoid messy mixing of plaster or failing to properly clean and remove dust, dirt, and debris from the wall before plastering that leads to adhesion problems.

We take great pride in producing quality plastering finishes.

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Things to Avoid When Plastering

Inadequate Surface Preparation:
Failing to properly clean and remove dust, dirt, and debris from the wall before plastering can lead to adhesion problems and an uneven finish.

Incorrect Mixing Ratio:
Using the wrong ratio of plaster to water can result in a weak or brittle finish.

Poor Application Technique:
Applying too much plaster in one area, leaving uneven patches, and failing to feather the edges properly can affect the final finish.

Using the Wrong Type of Plaster Material:
Choosing an unsuitable plaster mixture for the application can do more harm than good.

Using Cheap or Improper Tools:
Low-quality tools can produce subpar results and may not last as long.

Ignoring Underlying Structural Issues:
Plastering is not a solution to structural problems, and failing to address them can result in recurring issues.

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